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About Nord Projects

Nord Projects is the art store for artist and designer Josefin Holmgren, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Josefin has an aesthetic that is based on a simplicity with soft curves, flowing shapes and textures. Her main sources of inspiration are everything that is human, nature and simple shapes and pieces that attracts your attention without effort. 

"I’m always inspired by emotions and things that make me feel. But it does not need to be complicated and hard-to-reach. It can also be just something fun or simply something I want to look at. Lately I’m most inspired by textures and color combinations."

Working with different techniques and mediums, Josefin creates paintings, sculptures and art prints. She has a strong focus on details and quality, and Josefin strives to always deliver design that is long lasting.

"In this digital flat world, I've missed textures and depth, which I think we need around us. In my selection of wall sculptures, I've created pieces that you can experience also with your hands, and that changes expression during the day due to the effect from light and shadow."

If you have any questions or are interested in a commissioned artwork or a collaboration, you can contact me on the address below. And if you like a print in the store but want it in a different size, contact me and I will see what I can do.

You can also follow me on instagram if you want to get updated with news and offers!



Instagram: @nordprojects


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