Artworks in very high quality printed in Sweden on 210g thick matte premium paper.

About Nord Projects

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Josefin Holmgren, founder of Nord Projects, has an aesthetic that is based on a simplicity with soft curves, flowing shapes and mild colors. Her main sources of inspiration are the human body and nature, and with her art she wants to capture fractions of life.

The different collections are called projects because they are all art projects where Josefin is trying out new expressions or formats.

Latest project



I'm happy to show you my latest project - Tradition! It is a series of prints where I go back and explore the traditional feeling of oil paintings. I have...

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Grain project

Grain project is back! But reformed, and the previous prints are changed to three new ones. The new prints are inspired by this year’s big change in my life, becoming...

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Welcome to my updated website! Finally live! Here in the blog category, I'll publish the latest news. You can now also join my newsletter to get direct access to the latest...

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